Window Replacement Part 1: The Dog and Pony Show Comes to Your House

-   You will get less of it with the warm-edge spacer. Today there are warm-edge spacers, made out of non-conductive foam polymers.   If you can lower humidity levels in your home, that will also help with the condensation issue.   However, keep in mind that new windows sometimes cause condensation for the first time!  How can that be?  It’s because the old windows were so drafty that the moisture simply passed through to the outside. .   With the tight seals from a new install and new windows, the moisture is better sealed in your house and will condense on the coolest surface, being the glass.  .  This greatly decreases the heat (and cold) transfer along the edges of the glass, cutting down on the amount of condensation ..More

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Siding Choices: Cutting Through the Clutter

- James Hardie® is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding, and has done an excellent job of making their name synonymous with fiber-cement siding, just like Masonite® did with hardboard siding.  These products are visually indistinguishable, and are unquestionably the siding of choice on new high-end homes being built in Minnesota today. .  The other common type of composite siding is a wood composite, LP Smartside® ..More

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Sump Pumps shouldn’t discharge into the sanitary sewer

- Discharging a sump pump into the city’s sanitary sewer system is a big ‘no-no’. .  While this might seem like an easier and more attractive option than running a discharge tube from the sump pump to the exterior, it’s illegal in most cities here in Minnesota when the home is connected to the city sewer ..More

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New Construction Tip: Have Your Builder Plan for Water Management

-  I’ll admit that if a home is properly designed for no gutters, it will function fine without them, but that situation is a rare exception. . Home builders are typically opposed to installing gutters, which is unfortunate.  Gutters prevent a lot of problems with houses, and they can help in almost every situation. They give poor excuses such as “gutters cause more problems than they fix”, but I suspect the real reason is always about cost savings. Installing gutters would certainly help in all of these situations, but it usually doesn’t happen ..More

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Home Inspection Checklist – Interior

- .  Be aware, however, that many home insurance companies charge a premium or refuse to insure homes with knob & tube wiring, even if it’s still in pristine condition. At best, the remaining knob and tube wiring is in good condition and most of it has been replaced ..More

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