Roof Vents: Problems and Solutions

-  Roof vent manufacturers publish installation instructions that are easy to read and should be easy to follow, and roof ventilation is required in section R806 of the building code, but a lot of folks either don’t read the instructions or they don’t care.  Today I’m going to go over a few of the most common roof vent installation errors and issues. In other words, roof ventilation certainly isn’t a cure for any condition, but it’s still required. ..More

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Home Inspection Checklist – Exterior

-  This type of curling almost always happens on the south side first, so pay special attention to that side.  The photos below show examples of some particularly nasty roofs. Look for any irregularities with the roof: shingles that look curled from the ground indicate an old roof. ..More

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Combustion Air Ducts, Part II: Problems and Solutions

- Solution: Remove any restrictive mesh or material, and replace it with 1/4″ hardware cloth or something similar if it’s not already present. ..More

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Beaver Systems

- A Beaver system consist of a dam that gets glued to the basement floor.  The photos below show a couple of examples. . When water leaks into the basement, the dam holds the water right against the perimeter of the basement against the foundation walls, and directs the water to a floor drain or a sump basket ..More

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Combustion Air Duct Connected to the Return Plenum

- During the winter, this setup pulls cold outdoor air in to the house, directly in to the return plenum for the furnace.  When it’s very cold outside outside, that’s a ridiculous amount of cold air being pumped in to the house, but because it gets tempered by the furnace, nobody feels it.  This is a big waste of energy. .  While a combustion air duct that terminates at the floor will allow cold air to come in to the house, it’s not nearly as much air compared to the duct connected to the furnace return plenum ..More

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