Three Simple AC Maintenance Items

- Clearance requirements will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but a good rule of thumb is 24″ of clear space. For the condensing coil to work properly, it needs plenty of air flow. .  This means no trellis attached to it, no ivy, no plants, no walls, no boxes, and so on.  Keep vegetation trimmed away ..More

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Water Heater Backdrafting, Part 1 of 2: Why it Matters and What to Look For

- Next week I’ll have a follow-up post on the causes of water heater backdrafting and what can be done about it. ..More

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Diamond Pier Foundation Systems

-  Of the nine deck installations listed in Diamond Pier’s frost performance reports, four of the nine examples took place in Maple Grove. Diamond Pier foundation systems were introduced in to the residential market approximately ten years ago, and have been used in various cities here in Minnesota since 2007 to help gain ICC approval.  I spoke with two building officials at the City of Maple Grove who said that in all the cases that have been closely followed for the last five years, there was only one documented failure of a single footing, and it was more due to ‘user error’ than anything else; the homeowner had a downspout discharging right next to the footing (no-no). ..More

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New Construction Tip: Have Your Builder Plan for Water Management

-  This could have been done very easily with about $5 worth of material before the walkway was poured, but now it’s going to be a much bigger project.  This was a new construction home in Eden Prairie with nearly a seven figure price tag… and that’s how they dealt with the downspout. After a decent storm this will be a big mess.  In my opinion, the only acceptable fix for this situation is to install a yard drain with a receptor for the downspout; the same thing I blogged about last week. ..More

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An Over-sized Furnace Will Not Heat Your House Better

-  A furnace that takes a long time to heat a house is probably sized properly.  As furnaces get more efficient, the trend should be to install furnaces with lower BTUs, not higher. Chris estimates that at least 75% of the furnaces that he replaces are over-sized.  Many HVAC contractors are reluctant to go smaller because they don’t want to deal with homeowner complaints about the house not heating enough, but just a little bit of client education is really all it takes to prevent this. ..More

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