Combustion Air Duct Connected to the Return Plenum

-  When well-intentioned homeowners don’t understand how their combustion air is connected, they assume that the register above the furnace is only there to supply heat to the room, so they block it off to get more heat to the areas that matter.  This prevents combustion air from getting to the appliances that need it.  Because this register is located right above the furnace, it’s also the most powerful register in the house, which makes the furnace room very warm during the winter. Remember, that register above the furnace is what supplies combustion air to the furnace room. ..More

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Siding Choices: Cutting Through the Clutter

-   Unlike steel or vinyl, you could completely change your house color down the line without replacing your siding.   Again, darker colors can fade over time but these panels are made to be repainted. They must be painted, however, and you can choose to have them pre-finished in the factory or have them painted once they are installed. ..More

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How to Determine if Makeup Air is Required and the 300 CFM Myth

-  I’m going to paraphrase this code section to hopefully make it a little easier to understand, because it’s written in a very confusing manner.  Clear as mud. Yes, that’s how code language is written. ..More

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Water Heater Backdrafting, Part 2 of 2: Why It’s Happening and How To Fix It

- A vent connector is the thing that takes the exhaust gases from the top of the water heater (draft hood) to the vent. .  If a vent connector isn’t properly installed, the potential for the water heater to backdraft increases ..More

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Sump Pumps shouldn’t discharge into the sanitary sewer

- The other reason that sump pumps shouldn’t discharge to the sanitary sewer is that municipal water departments bill homeowners for their sewer usage based on their water usage. . When a sump pump discharges into the sanitary sewer, the city has no way of tracking and billing for this additional usage of the sewer.  When a homeowner discharges their sump pump in to the sanitary sewer, they’re getting a service for free that everyone else has to pay for; it’s like tapping off electricity before the meter ..More

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